Dandy's Country Market offers many options to ensure the best health for your body without first going to chemical based products. Just as in the old days, we have many all-natural options to treat common ailments and care for our body quite effectively. 


We are proud to carry Starwest Botanicals for our essential and carrier oils. Our oils are extracted from only superior quality plants and guaranteed 100% pure and natural. They are not diluted or adulterated in any way. These oils are suitable for aromatherapy, cosmetic preparations and potpourris.

Only the best!

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Grandpa's body care line includes a variety of soaps for specific skin conditions. The Pine Tar shampoo, conditioner and soap are a wonderful treatment for eczema when used daily and followed by the application of Neem or Coconut Oil

Yoder's Good Health Recipe is an infusion of fourteen herbs in Apple Cider Vinegar to produce an elixir that has resulted in positive results for many of our customers. Their personal testimonials of improved blood pressure, reduced joint pain, energy levels and more will convince you to give this product with it's 100% money back guarantee a try.

Garden Path Soaps, Lotions, Salves, Balms  and Palm Wax Candles are hand-made by Sylvia Frazier of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. She grows many of the botanicals for her products on her farm and every single batch is mixed and poured with care. Her salves and balms are extremely effective with a strong customer following. They include; All Purpose Healing, Black Drawing, Sunburn Soother, Dream Balm and Herbal Lip Balm.

Greenwich Bay Trading Co. products are a big hit with our customers because of the beautiful fragrances and luxurious quality. Product line includes soap, dusting powders, foaming milk bath, hand soap and lotion. 

Soaps and Lotions

Shea, glycerin, lye and argan. So many to choose from! Several choices made by hand with generations-old recipes. 


Body and Face Care

Essential  and carrier oils, dusting powders and hand-crafted all-natural salves in the old Amish blends. Herbal bath salts, foaming milk bath and Neem based personal care products to pamper yourself in luxury.


Aroma and Light

Palm wax candles, natural lavender dryer packs, diffuser kits and more to fill your home with the welcoming aromas.